Secrets Of The Pleasures Of El Gaucho

El Gaucho Cigar is one of the most popular world heritage, providing an unforgettable travel sensation. Each material is selected the best to give satisfaction to you; the elegant wrap rolled by the best and most skilled craftsmen gives an elegant impression in every cigar.

If you ask why El Gaucho cigars look special? You choose the right thing. We will give you the secret of how this cigar is so special.

We have come a long way to create this most beautiful masterpiece, exploring all corners of the world to find the best material ever. Every process of making El Gaucho cigars is considered to give the best results to your hands. We make sure you will experience the taste of travel and experience a lifetime with the Arapiraca Brazil leaf belt.

Arapiraca Brazil tobacco leaves, being the best filler leaves of our cigars, have a slightly stronger aroma with a dark color, but the thickness is similar to Cubra Seco Brazil. Tobacco leaves grown at Arapiraca, Brazil provide a unique Brazilian flavor combined with our other best ingredients.

El Gaucho cigars have a unique construction with their box shape. Make these cigars using skilled hands and rolled up with a consistent size and shape. The size of the cigar ring is always a concern to meet your satisfaction as an El Gaucho cigar connoisseur. The smooth burning and feel make El Gaucho cigars into cigars with quality in the world.

Once you know the secret to the enjoyment of El Gaucho cigars in every part, don't be afraid and hesitate to try it. A wide variety of flavors you will enjoy slowly, and the explosion of flavors you get in the last part.

This secret is only shared for you fans of El Gaucho cigars. Enjoy an incredible journey that you haven't felt in a lifetime.