Top 5 Tastiest Local Cigars

Most cigar smokers choose and have their favorites, this is true because they will always be in the best mood state. Every year there will be new cigars appear, not making them waver with their favorites. Therefore, maybe you will be interested in reading the best local cigar tops that you might change your mind about your favorite cigar.

Surely they have different variations in price, taste, and other factors, but one thing will remain the same in every suction. Wherever you find this, we make sure you won't regret trying it!

1. Djarum Cigarillos

Djarum cigars are sold each pack containing 6 sticks. The sleek and simple shape is loved by connoisseurs, and the high-quality clove element in its composition makes cigarillos cigars have a distinctive taste and are different from other local cigars.  On the other hand, you can reach the price of cigarillos cigars for Rp. 10 thousand.

2. Wismilak

Who doesn't know wismilak, one of the largest cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia also produces local cigars? Have you ever heard of Robusto premium cigars that are certainly familiar to local cigar connoisseurs, this is one of the best products from wismilak with a combination of wrappers from the famous Connecticut Shade. This cigar is tied by an exotic java binder and filled with long filler tobacco from Java and Sumatra which certainly has a mild flavor to pull with a subtle suffix. Try to try the premium version of the selection with three variants of Corona Tube, Petit Corona Tube, and Robusto Tube.

3. Adipati cigars

This cigar is very unique because it is said to be one of the favorite cigars of sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and X, giving cigar connoisseurs a curiosity to try the taste of this Adipati cigar. Adipati cigars are corona-shaped and sold with the contents of 5 and 10 sticks on the package. If you are tired of the corona form, don't worry because the Adipati cigar has 4 variants of shapes that you can choose as you wish. Namely corona, panetela, double corona, and slim panetela. Surely each different shape has its distinctive taste side including its size and price.

4. Ramayana Cigars

If you are from Jember then you are no stranger to Ramayana which is a cigar manufacturer from Jember under PT Tanu Martani. This cigar is no less unique than the duke's cigar because this local cigar can last up to a dozen years, which is certainly a consistent taste.  Ramayana cigars have 3 types of shapes and varying sizes. Namely cigarillo, corona, and super corona.  

5. El Gaucho Cigars

Like Ramayana cigars, El Gaucho cigars originated in Jember as the nickname of the tobacco city and are produced by PT. Besuki Raya Cigar. El Gaucho cigars are uniquely shaped unlike cigars in general, they are boxy. The shape of this box is structural, the airflow is better. So that when you smoke the cigar it is not hot even though it has almost reached the end. El Gaucho cigars use a mixture of imported tobacco from Ecuador, Brazil, to Cuba that makes you feel the taste of luxury in aroma and taste. El Gaucho cigars have 2 types of products of their pride. Namely, El Gaucho Premium and El Gaucho Fantastico, which certainly have unique flavors in each part of the cigar.

Local cigars are no less competitive than world cigars. Each taste, shape, and process has its characteristics that make cigars a uniqueness that one can be proud of. Are you now interested in trying the enjoyment of every cigar above? We make sure you won't feel disappointed to enjoy it!